Artist Statement



Cincinnati, OH

I have a fascination with nature and character design, the two elements married in my work.  Nature is both beautiful yet mysterious and unforgiving.  But the fact remains: we rely on our earth as a home and for its invaluable resources.

I represent these ideas through my photography, graphic design, and illustration.  The themes I work with revolve primarily around a Pacific Northwest focus: river restoration, the simplicity of nature, and the mystery of our forests.

Between design and illustration, I mingle in the minimal and the detailed.  I want the focus to be on the colors and the subject, but avoid clutter and distractions.  My capstone game would marry these two ideas, with minimal backgrounds and asset designs that illustrate a concept without getting caught up in the details.  

My senior capstone project explores the concepts of river restoration and protection; a story I have followed since spring of 2016, this subject will be expressed through a game that engages its users in challenges based on concepts of environmental stewardship. Character design is implemented into the game as a playable “earth sprite:” a ghostly character who represents the spirit of the earth and speaks to the player about the challenges facing the river like pollution and invasive species. My work is largely inspired by games like Ori and the Blind Forest and the environmental work done by organizations across the country.  
My work instills awareness and advocacy to go out and enjoy the natural resources we have available to us.








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